Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The List: Alleyfest Artists Part 2 (M-Z)

The List Cont'd:

Mark May - Call on the Blues
Mark May - Doll Maker
Mark May - Telephone Road Houston, Texas
Mason Ruffner - Live
Mason Rufner - You Can't Win
Mem Shannon - A Cab Driver's Blues
Mem Shannon - Memphis in the Morning
Michael Burks - From the Inside Out
Michael Burks - Iron man
Michael Burks - Make It Rain
Michael Burks - 2003 I Smell Smoke
Michael E. Johnson - Love Songs For Amerika
Michael E. Johnson & The Killer Bees - Live in Berlin
Mike Griffin - Harley In The Rain
Mike Griffin - Sittin' Here With Nothing
Mike Griffin - Twin Brothers of Different Mothers
Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88's - Shakin' the Shack
Mitchell T with Andrew Baxter, Jr - She's Lookin Good
Mofo Party Band - Call The Doctor
Mofo Party Band - Ten Dynamite Hits
Mofo Party Band - 2005 The Sound Of
Mofo Party Band - Voodoo Dolls & Jungle Drums
Naughty Ones - I Dig Your Voodoo
Ponty Bone & The Squeezetones - Dig Us On The Road Somewhere!
Radio Kings - Live at B.B. King's
Radio Kings - Money Road
Randy Garibay, Jr. & Cats Don't Sleep - Barbacoa Blues
Reba Russell Band - City of the Blues
Rick Moore - Slow Burnin' Fire
Rick Moore and Mr Lucky - Live in the USA
Rockin' Highliners - Oh My!
Ronnie Dawson - Rockinitis
Ronnie Dawson - Just Rockin' & Rollin'
Ronnie Dawson - Live at the Continental Club
Ronnie Dawson - Monkey Beat!
Ronnie Dawson - Rockin' Bones
Roscoe Shelton - Save Me
Russell Jackson - Alley Man
Russell Jackson - Becoming Blue
Sam Taylor - Blue Tears
Sam Taylor -Bluz Man
Sam Taylor - I Came from the Dirt
Savoy Brown - Blues Keep Me Holding On
Savoy Brown - Let It Ride
Sean Costello - Cuttin' In
Sherman Robertson - Guitar Man Live
Silent Partners - 1989 If It's All Night, It's All Right
Smokin' Joe Kubek - My Heart's In Texas (Live)
Smokin Joe Kubek - Bite Me
Smokin' Joe Kubek - Cryin' for the Moon
Smokin Joe Kubek - Roadhouse Research
Smokin' Joe Kubek - Steppin' Out Texas Style
Smokin Joe Kubek And Bnois King - Blood Brothers
Sue Foley - Big City Blues
Sweet Miss Coffee - The Demos
Tabby Thomas - Greatest Hits
Teisco del Rey - Plays Music for Lovers
Theresa Andersson - Self Titled
Tommy Castro - Exception to the Rule
Tommy Castro - Live at the Fillmore
Tommy Castro - Painkiller
Tommy Castro - Triple Trouble
Tommy Castro - Guitar Summit
Toni Price - Sol Power
Toni Price - Swim Away
Toni Price - Talk Memphis
Tony Coleman - Out in the Open
Tutu Jones - Im For Real
Tutu Jones - Blue Texas Soul
Tutu Jones - Staying Power
Vasti Jackson - No Borders to the Blues
Vasti Jackson - Vas-tie Jackson
W. C. Clark - Lover's Plea
Walter Hyatt - King Tears
Walter Hyatt - Music Town
Wayne Toups & Zydecajun - Fish Out of Water
Webb Wilder - Doo Dad
Webb Wilder - Hybrid Vigor
Webb Wilder - Last Of The Full Grown Men
Webb Wilder - 2007 It's Live Time!
Webb Wilder and The Beatnecks - 2008 Born To Be Wilder
Wes Jeans - Forest Of The Pine
Wet Willie - Greatest Hits

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