Thursday, September 4, 2008

The List: Alleyfest Artists Part 1 (A-L)

Anders Osborne - Ash Wednesday Blues
Anders Osborne - Break the Chain
Anders Osborne - Which Way to Here
Andrew 'Jr. Boy' Jones - 2006 'Jr. Boy' Live
Andrew 'Jr. Boy' Jones - 2009 Gettin' Real
Andrew 'Jr. Boy' Jones - I Need Time
Andrew 'Jr. Boy' Jones- Watch What You Say
Anthony Gomes Band - Blues in Technicolor
B.B. MAJOR - I Ain't Got Nobody
Big Daddy Kinsey - Bad Situation
Big Mike Griffin - 2004 Two Lane Road
Billy Bacon & the Forbidden Pigs - 13 Years of Bad Road
Billy Bacon & the Forbidden Pigs - 1991 Una Mas Cerveza
Bishop Elvin - Ace in the Hole
Bluebirds - Highway 80 East
Bluebirds - South from Memphis
Bluebirds - Swamp Stomp
Brave Combo - No, No, No, Cha Cha Cha
Brint Anderson - I knew this would happen
Brint Anderson - Homage to Elmore
Bryan Lee - 2007 Katrina Was Her Name
Bryan Lee - 2009 My Lady Don't Love My Lady
Bryan Lee - Best Of
Bryan Lee - Live and Dangerous
Canned Heat - 1969 Canned Heat Cookbook
Canned Heat - Internal Combustion
Canned Heat - Uncanned !
Carasco Joe - Bandido Rock
Castro Tommy - Exception to the Rule
Cate Bros - Radioland
Cate Brothers - Cate Bros
Chris Thomas King - 1st solo
Chris Thomas King - 21 St Century Blues
Chris Thomas King - Cry of the Prophets
Chris Thomas King - Red Mud
Clark, WC - From Austin With Soul
Costello Sean - Call the Cops
Derailers - Here Come the Derailers
Earl Gaines - 2011 You Got The Walk
Ed Earley Band - 2000 Going On Blue
Ed Earley Band - 2002 Raggedy Old Car Blues
Elvin Bishop - Don't Let The Bossman Get You Down!
Elvin Bishop - The Skin I'm In
Eric Burdon - Soul of a Man
Eric Burdon - Official Live Bootleg #1
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Wrap It Up
Forbidden Pigs - Una Mas Cerveza
Gary Primich - Ridin' The Darkhorse
Gary Primich - Doghouse Music
Gary Primich - Mr Freeze
Gary Primich - My Pleasure
Gary Primich - self titled
Grady Gaines - Down & Dirty
Grady Gaines & The Texas Upsetters -1990 Blues A Rama
Grady Gaines & The Texas Upsetters - Full Gain
Gene Taylor - Let Me Ride In Your Automobile
Guitar Shorty - I Go Wild
Guitar Shorty - My Way or the Highway
Guitar Shorty - Topsy Turvy
Guitar Shorty - Get Wise to Yourself
Guitar Shorty - 2010 Bare Knuckle
Harvey Mandel - 1972 Get Off In Chicago
Headhunters - Voodoo Pie
House Of Blues Radio Hour
James Rogers Band - I Wanna Go Home
Jimmy Hall - Build Your Own Fire
Jimmy Hall - Cadillac Tracks
Jimmy Hall - Rendezvous with the Blues
Jimmy Hall - Touch You
Joe King Carrasco - Bandido Rock
Joe 'King' Carrasco & The Crowns
Joe King Carrasco & The Crowns - Royal, Loyal & Live
Joe Louis Walker - Blue Soul
Joe Louis Walker - Blues of the Month Club
Joe Louis Walker - Great Guitars
Joe Louis Walker - The Gift
John Mayall - 2000 UK TOUR
John Mayall - Blues for the Lost Days
John Mayall - Bottom Line
John Mayall - Hard Core Package
Katie Webster - 1958-61 J D Miller Recordings
Katie Webster - I Know That's Right
Katie Webster - No Foolin'!
Katie Webster - Two-Fisted Mama!
Kenny Wayne Sheppard - Ten Days Out
Kid Ramos (Fab T Birds) - West Coast House Party
Kid Ramos - 1999 Kid Ramos
Kim Simmonds - Struck By Lightning
Kinsey Report - 1998 Smoke and Steel
Kinsey Report - Crossing Bridges
Kinsey Report - Edge of the City
Kinsey Report - Midnight Drive
Kinsey Report - Powerhouse
Kinsey Report - Smoke and Steel
Kinsey,Big Daddy - Bad Situation
Kinsey,Big Daddy - Can't Let Go
Koko Taylor - Koko Taylor
Koko Taylor - Queen of the Blues
Koko Taylor - Jump
Koko Taylor - Old School
Koko Taylor - Royal Blue
Leon Russell - 1974 Stop All That Jazz
Leon Russell - 1978 Americana
Leon Russell - 2001 Hank Wilson's Back 4
Leon Russell - 2000 At Alleyfest LIVE
Leon Russell - Retrospective
Leon Russell - Face in the Crowd
Lightning Bugs - Live at the Sundown
Little Charlie & the Nightcats - Shadow of the Blues
Long John Hunter - Border Town Legend
Long John Hunter - Swinging from the Rafters

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